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Buy 'Tea for Two'

Buy 'Tea for Two' and meet Lino & Luka

Share a bedtime story with a child

Share a bedtime story with a child who means the world to you

child in need gets to enjoy a bedtime story

We will ensure that a child in need gets to enjoy the same bedtime story

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Tea for Two (english)

tea for two cover

Thee voor Twee (Dutch)

thee voor twee cover

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Say Hello to Lino & Luka

Lino in tree
Lino loves his tea just right

best to drink in the cool of the night

Aha, you say, you have a clue!

Yes you’re right his waistcoat is blue

Luka in tree
Luka is active and plays in the sun

Tea with honey helps him to run

So what happens to bears who are never in bed?

Yes you’ve guessed it their waistcoats are red

Welcome to the World of Lino & Luka

At Lino & Luka we believe that great businesses should make a meaningful difference to society and improve people’s lives.

We aspire to create stories loved by children everywhere.

Wouldn’t it be great if the simple act of buying a book to read a bed-time story to a child that means the world to you could touch the life of a child in need, each and every time?

Lino & Luka. Together in moments that matter.

Partners supported by Lino & Luka

Partners supporting Lino & Luka

Help us to share more bedtime stories. You can contact us to provide feedback or suggest future Partners here.

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