On August 3rd, a very important parcel arrived: the first copies of our Lino & Luka book “Tea for two”! Elation was quickly followed by trepidation.

What if kids think that the story sucks?!

Without the benefit of pester power we are sunk.

There was only one thing for it. We needed to test out the story on Andrew’s pet three-year-old, James.

The ultimate test, because there is no such thing as a nuanced reply from a toddler. Even if James knew that his dad and his godfather had sweated blood in the creation of this story, his criticism could be withering. “No Daddy! Bad story. I want Thomas the Tank Engine.”

So, it was with bated breath that Andrew read the final lines of the story to James. The fact that we had even got this far was a good sign. Many books don’t survive the second page, consigned to the darkest reaches of the book shelf by the immortal words: “Don’t like that one, poo poo!”

“Again daddy again!”

So when James’ mother returned home from work, it was her turn to re-read the story to James, over and over again…

Feelings of relief, elation, and pride washed over us, followed rapidly by a strong sense of validation. Lino & Luka had well and truly been born. Now the ‘simple’ task of giving Lino & Luka to the World.

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